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Osprey nests weight an average of 400 pounds and are amended yearly.No one knows why they collect all the different things that they do for their nest (including trash), other than to make the lining soft and to keep eggs from falling into voids in the stick nest.Once a fish is spotted, the osprey will drop down in the water fully submerged.

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Smaller birds can nest in the nest material and are usually ignored by the osprey.

One year we saw a Great Blue Heron perching frequently on the platform with no apparent disruption to the osprey The osprey is the only local raptor that almost exclusively hunts fish.

A huge thanks goes to View Into The Blue, a company in Boulder County that specializes in streaming webcams, for helping us with our osprey cam setup.

This is our fifth year running the camera and our first few years were plagued with technical difficulties.

View Into The Blue helped us work out those issue and last year we had a successful watching season with no major technical issues.

Osprey migrate far to the south every year to Central or South America.On rare occasions, they will eat squirrel or muskrat.Osprey will sometimes scout for fish from its nest.Osprey chicks only have a 50% chance of surviving their first year.Classrooms and school groups are encouraged to watch the osprey.They show up around the first of April and complete mating and egg-laying within the first two weeks after both have arrived.


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