Link excel sheets for updating

However, this often requires intimate knowledge of the underpinnings of Quick Books, so for this article I’ll democratize Microsoft Query by showing how anyone can create self-updating links between spreadsheets.

Quick Books Online users often plow through the following gauntlet: run a report, export it to an Excel file, open the Excel file, select the data, copy it to the clipboard, and—finally—paste it into its final destination.

If you have already created a chart in Excel, you can embed and link it to your Power Point presentation.

This helps the data stay in sync, so you won't have incorrect or out-of-date information in your chart. An Excel spreadsheet containing the chart's source data will appear.

After you have finished editing, be sure to save the chart in Excel.

Once you establish a connection to a report that you export periodically, simply keep saving over the original spreadsheet that you downloaded—your linked spreadsheet will update itself when you open it.

Microsoft Query has long been a feature in the Windows-based versions of Excel.

" It sounds like you are interested in creating a relationship class, where in you would have 1 main table, then 1 or many secondary tables.

For example, one table with names of property owners (Bill, John, Allison).

Personally, I would prefer to keep the two things separate and just join the data as necessary...

Answering the 2nd question here (although I would recommend putting it in a stand-alone question) "Also, can i have sub-table in Arc GIS?

Please clarify your specific problem or add additional details to highlight exactly what you need.

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