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Producers are required to submit all supporting documentation to support their losses by the deadline.There are no late-file provisions under the ELAP program.Other states have seen that range of impacts in water bodies with established quagga or zebra populations. FWP is going to look at setting up water craft inspection stations where boats can be decontaminated.

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Please contact your local FSA Office to file an application. Montana Governor Steve Bullock on Thursday appointed Yvonne Laird of Chinook to replace District Court Judge John Mc Keon in the 17th Judicial District.

Laird is a graduate of Blue Sky High School in Rudyard, received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Concordia College and her Juris Doctorate from the University of Montana.

However, the federal match is urgently needed by April 1, 2017, before next year’s water recreation season begins and Montana sees an exponential increase in boat traffic and risk.”Boating has been temporarily banned in Glacier National Park and Blackfeet Tribal waters to prevent the further spread of larvae.“Montana’s mussel invasion created headlines at the Pacific Northwest Economic Region meeting in Boise on Thursday and Friday.

It’s the nightmare you don’t want,” Mike Cuffe, a vice president and Montana representative of Pacific Northwest Economic Region, said.

Keeping him in prison amounts to cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the U. and Montana constitutions and puts him at risk of manipulation by other inmates, she said."Michael's disabilities require that he be placed in a facility that has training and experience in dealing with developmentally disabled adults," Holton wrote.

Prosecutors were reviewing Tuesday's court filing and had no immediate comment.After the assault, Spell was transferred from a medium security cell block to a high security area.He'll remain there until he can earn his way back with good behavior, Beck said. During his trial, Spell was spared a potential death sentence when state health officials agreed with defense experts who said he was mentally disabled.“So we desperately need these preventative dollars released for the good of Montana and the other northwest states.”Mussels spread in moving water or by attaching themselves to boats, and it's likely that the microscopic larvae arrived on a boat from out of state.A range of outcomes are possible, from no establishment of adult aquatic invasive mussels and no effects on lake/reservoir services, to full establishment and significant effects, according to the DNRC.Since he arrived at Montana State Prison in April 2015, Spell has had three major disciplinary violations, said Department of Corrections communications director Judy Beck.


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