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She was remanded in custody to face court again on Tuesday.

The ABC understands Ms Fox is due to undergo an assessment to determine if she will remain in a male or female prison while on remand.

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"It's my view that she shouldn't be put in prison at all, however if that happens it should be a female prison because she is woman," she said. NSW Sex Crime Squad detectives are continuing inquiries into the woman's activities while in Sydney.

Ms Davies also feared the case would reinforce the stigma against people living with HIV, saying the release of Ms Fox's personal health information was inappropriate."When we criminalise HIV, people stop getting tested. WA Police, who liaised with the Health Department during their investigation, said anyone with concerns regarding their own health was encouraged to seek medical advice.

In a statement, a spokesman for the Department of Corrective Services said it would not comment on individual cases."All individuals are assessed and treated with dignity and care.

Assessments include risk factors such as vulnerability and self harm.

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The court heard Ms Fox allegedly committed the acts between January 1 and September 25, 2015 in East Perth.


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