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The Konica Autoreflex of 1965 used an external light meter cell to set the lens diaphragm automatically after the user selected a shutter speed.

Karate instruction is life-long, and can be continued regardless of age.

Modern training in Shindo Jinen Ryu karate-do incorporates elements of karate, aikido, jujitsu, and kendo in the formal curriculum, with an emphasis on philosophy and education.

He gave the original shop to his younger brother and launched a new shop, Konishi Honten (Konishi Main Shop) in the Nihonbashi district of Tokyo.

In 1882, Konishi launched a project to produce photography related materials in Japan: those products were imported at that time.

The JKR also has a lineage dating back to the 16th century traditions of Takenouchi Ryu Jujitsu.

Training in the JKR is conducted in the traditional Japanese method, stressing discipline, consistent attendance, etiquette, and hard work.

It was done in I Spit on Your Grave, Last House on the Left, etc.

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JAPAN KARATE DO RYOBU-KAI (JKR) is a professional, international, karate organization founded by Yasuhiro Konishi, and developed by his son, Yasuhiro (Takehiro) Konishi, 10th Dan.

In 1902, Konishi began to sell the "Cherry Portable Camera" (チェリー手提用暗函), the first Japanese produced end-user oriented camera.


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