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Born without a name in Michigan, she was abandoned shortly after birth by her teenage mother.

Despite having had a difficult start in life, she was a standout student as a teen.

She sure loves to get underneath her costars' skins, but she does have a limited number of tactics that she likes to use, and one of her favorites is a season-long relationship that can give her plenty of solo scenes on Season 9, does Kenya Moore have a new boyfriend?

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I know for a fact that the couple has been at Sugar Beach the new hot spot at the foot of the Pitons for the last several days. LOL So you will have to find out the groom’s name from wherever she sells the story to.

The thing that pushed this story over the edge for me is that Kenya’s best friend Brandon Deshazer was there.

Well, while Kenya may have let her relationship with Matt go on for a while while there were plenty of signs to suggest it wasn't a good match.

But, according to reports, "The judge granted her the restraining order which requires Matt to stay 200 yards away from Kenya, and stop all harassing or intimidating behavior toward her or her family." This came after the couple briefly got back together after the season, including a "a nightmare vacation last year [2016] in Mexico [...] Matt kicked in a hotel door and threw her suitcase in the driveway."Now, Kenya advises to anyone else who is in arelationship that has any signs like hers to get out as soon as possible, egreeing with comments from Kandi and Cynthia that, in retrospect, Matt's behavior steadily got more violent and there were several warning signs suggesting that he may eventually become violent towards her.

Now, though, Kenya's definitely moved on, which is obvious because she's already at the point where she's openly hinting at a possible new boyfriend.

ATLANTA -- A 2005 Corcoran High School graduate is dating Kenya Moore, one of the stars of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." Matt Jordan, who won sectional titles in track and cross country in high school, has appeared on the hit Bravo show as Moore's love interest.

Full disclosure, I have stayed at Anse Chastanet and it appears that is the location of the wedding. However, the foliage in the photos don’t really make sense for the guests who claimed to be staying on Jade Mountain which is the private, more expensive part at the top of the resort.

It is a view from the garden rooms of Anse Chastanet. I have to leave something for Kenya to sell or she will kill me. And if Reddit posts this again without a link I will sue them.

Kenya writes: "To all my single sisters out there, know that you are loved.

If you want a boyfriend, husband, man, partner, or someone to share your life with, know that they are out there.

NEVER…#bishplease #stopplaying #liespeopletellforfun #stopusingmetogetclicks"Moore has had a lot to deal with lately, especially when it comes to fans of the show that don't seem to like her that much.


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