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In recent decades, the February 13 commemorations have repeatedly escalated into large-scale violent clashes between Nazis and participants of counter-protests, who fear that the far-right could hijack the city’s destruction during World War II for its political purposes.

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The two tourists were fined nearly $600 each but were permitted to leave the country with their tour group, police said.

Similarly, a 30-year-old Canadian tourist was detained in 2011 after being photographed giving the Nazi salute outside the Reichstag. Germany is not the only European country to ban the salute.

The leader of a Dresden-based anti-migration group, Pegida, was once photographed with a Hitler mustache, for example.

And last year, a group of Nazis on a train near Dresden forced a 32-year old Indian to perform a Hitler salute, raising fears of anti-immigrant attacks in the region.

Every year, hundreds of right-wing protesters from across Europe march in the eastern German city on February 13 to commemorate its bombardment by allied forces toward the end of World War II.

Dresden had no strategic military significance and its destruction remains a dark chapter for the allied forces, which has been used by the far-right to stoke anti-American tensions.

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It was about a year ago that the actor had a run-in with the law after getting into a bar fight followed by a nasty split from his wife.

The district is known to be a liberal part of the town and a popular meeting spot for students.


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