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(Part 1) by Riley O’Brien Powell What Is a Coming of God? If this is the case, one might conclude that the time span between the first and second resurrections was a period considerably shorter than 40 years. Those who object to the interpretation that tongues ceased in AD 70 argue that in the same passage Paul says that “knowledge” will also cease. One interpretation is that this means knowledge from the writings of the apostles; that is, the canon of Scripture would be complete by AD 70.

(Part 2) by Riley O’Brien Powell What is a Coming of God? This would be consistent with Revelation 6:9-11 (“rest a little longer”). The key to understanding Revelation 20 is verses 11-15 which was the general resurrection and judgment that happened coincident with the Second Coming. Preterists offer somewhat different interpretations of who was resurrected and when per Revelation 20. This lends credence to the Reformation tenet that Scripture alone is sufficient for all matters of faith and life.

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On the other hand, Dallas Theological Seminary, a highly influential center of There are over 100 passages in the New Testament that declared the imminence of the prophesied events.

It is clear that Jesus and his disciples expected his return while some of them were still alive—in their own generation. Well, nothing short of the authority of Scripture and indeed the divinity of Christ.

On the other hand, when you begin to see the consistency on these topics, Bible prophecy becomes much easier. Sproul, for example, perhaps the most influential modern theologian, has said that his views on eschatology had changed to a version of “.” Preterism is the view that most if not all prophecy was fulfilled in the 1st century.

Biblical eschatology appears to be undergoing a radical revision among scholars. Hank Hanegraaff (the popular Bible Answer Man) has adopted a similar view.

Thus, the “last days” are not about the end of the world, but rather, about the end of the Old Covenant Age. Terry, Biblical Apocalyp- tics, 1898: apocalyptics.html).

It appears to be the fastest growing view of eschatology as other systems are being discredited. Most preterists take issue with Mc Kenzie, Russell, and Terry’s conclu- sion in this matter. Every objection to the preterist view is examined in detail in the book.There is always much resistance to a challenge to widely held beliefs. This site may be uncomfortable to some Christians who have blindly accepted what you have been taught about Bible prophecy without checking it against God’s Word.Remember: We are instructed to search the Scriptures to find out whether the things we have been taught are so (Acts ; 1 Thessalonians ).These articles may be updated and revised from time to time. A dramatic upheaval is beginning to boil in the church about ESCHATOLOGY, that is, the study of the “last things” or “end times.” After years of skeptical study, I became persuaded that Jesus was telling the truth when He said that ALL prophesied “last-things” events would be fulfilled in his generation (Luke , 32; etc). See Duncan Mc Kenzie’s articles: • • • Also see his book The Antichrist and the Second Coming, A Pret- erist Examination (Xulon Press, 2012). Stevens is the founder of the International Preterist Association, website For a detailed discussion of this, see David Chilton, The Days of Vengeance: An Exposition of the Book of Revelation (Tyler, Texas: Dominion Press, 1987), chapter 21.


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