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It certainly absolutely delighted my wife Anita and I during our visit…which immediately led to a mandatory “we’re from Florida so we gotta have a snowball fight!

” The view from the parking lot is pretty impressive, but there are even better vistas from the trails that start here.

An added bonus is that wildflowers abound in the Cascades from June thru September and photos of Shuksan reflected in the lake with a foreground of colorful wildflowers can be absolutely stunning.

Unfortunately, I was there in early October and walked the entire shore without finding a single, straggly flower.

They are also going to upgrade the trail to make it ADA compliant, which will be a lot easier than walking in the parts of it that were soft sand. Judging by the illustration the NPS released (see below), the fence will be short enough that you will be able to easily shoot over it with a tripod.

Plus if you want to avoid the fence completely, you will just need to walk a couple dozen yards to the left or right past the end of the fence and you can still shoot right on the cliff’s edge.

Seeing youngsters run around at the cliff’s edge has always made me nervous and there have been fatalities recorded here.

The new fence will make the area much safer as well as keep heart-rates down for some of us as well.I may have been doing this for years, but I still feel like a proud papa when an image of mine is published.I guess there is no denying that my ego is alive and well!I was fascinated with the tarns (I think I just like saying the name…tarn, Tarn, TARN…so cool).The area around the tarns is often muddy from melting snow and not particularly attractive so you might have to work a bit to find good compositions.Apparently, this area can be ‘loved to death’ by visitors who stray off the walking path and trample the flowers. I never heard anything about this spot despite all my planning.


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