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Anyway, she asked for money up front, and he sent her 0.

He went to some of the best colleges and grad schools. Just ask his ex-wife—even she wouldn't say a bad word about him.

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And aside from that unpleasantness with that woman who scammed him, all Thurston had to wrestle with, really, was the nagging guilt that maybe this whole sugar-dating thing isn't so okay, particularly since he began before his divorce was even finalized. This felt like an ethical dilemma.” But he reminded himself that he was actually helping someone, a poor student, or someone who badly needed the money for, I don't know, medical bills or back taxes or vaping supplies.

And that's what it came down to: “The whole concept of a sugar daddy intrigued me, because even if I were dating someone traditionally, I'd give them money anyway.”In any case, Thurston found no shortage of willing candidates eager to accept his altruism, and he dated a bunch of them at once, feeling like a “kid in a candy store.” Eventually he settled on one very beautiful woman, 28, in real estate, with a Wells Fargo account that he could drop $5,000 into each month.

If you notice the same thing, switch to something really hot!

Thurston Von Moneybags (not his real name) was scammed once by a girl in Houston. She didn't show to the meet, and that's the last time Thurston Von Moneybags ever got hustled again.

She was ultimately charged with 5 crimes, 4 of which were felonies.

The Countess did end up apologizing, saying Palm Beach brought back bad memories ...

He was rescued eventually, but while the twins got what they came for, poor Paul never did.

In 2013, Google executive Forrest Hayes spent his last hours nodding off on his yacht after the sugar baby he met on the site injected him (willingly) with heroin; he (less willingly) died in front of her.

A note on the negotiation, from Thurston: “A lot of women put like ,000” in their online profiles as their hoped-for monthly stipend, but “you just say ‘I'll give you ,000’ and they say yes.” But he was still a novice at this, so he offered her ,000, and she jumped at it. Thurston got his happy ending, and he never got scammed again.


  1. For Ms Bantleman, it's always been a difficult balance of whether to speak out or remain silent and work quietly behind the scenes.

  2. Plus, reading typo-ridden messages and profiles is half the fun of Ok Cupid, so you can do that to kill time on the subway, even if the more serious "soulmate search" isn't your cup of tea.

  3. Some online chatbots won't show up in mobile browsers.

  4. She went to check on the noise and it was the camera, swiveling around.

  5. She was growing increasingly disenchanted with his quest.

  6. The single is limited to 3000 worldwide and is numbered on the inner sleeve which is a reproduction of the back of the two singles sleeves from 35 years ago this year.

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