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The show infrequently uses variations of the latter gag featuring other pairs of look-alike celebrities, such as Cher being shown as Marilyn Manson.

The show also uses short skits such as "Dear Aquaman" (in which Ferguson dresses as the superhero and gives advice), "Michael Caine in Space", and various absurdist Sean Connery impersonations, coming in and out of commercial breaks, and longer sketches used more infrequently as the show progressed.

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It followed the Late Show with David Letterman in the CBS late-night lineup, airing weekdays in the U. The Late Late Show franchise had previously aired as The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder, then as The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn.

During the late 2004 transition of guest hosts following Craig Kilborn's departure, Craig Ferguson hosted a series of shows in October and November, culminating in being announced on December 7 as the pick for new host.

Despite not initially having a sidekick, comedian and voice actor Josh Robert Thompson joined the show in 2010 and voiced sidekick Geoff Peterson until the show's finale.

On April 28, 2014, Ferguson announced that he was ending the show at the end of the year. The show starts with a cold open which consists of a short improvised monologue or commentary by Ferguson either as himself or involving his various puppets.

Following the break and his introduction by announcer Shadoe Stevens, Ferguson begins with "Welcome to Los Angeles, California, welcome to the Late Late Show.

I am your host, TV's Craig Ferguson"; this is soon followed by "It's a great day for America, everybody! After another commercial break, Ferguson is seated behind his desk, where he usually reads and responds to viewer emails and (since February 2010 Generally, one or two celebrities are interviewed.The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is an American late-night talk show hosted by Scottish American comedian Craig Ferguson.It was the third iteration of the Late Late Show franchise, airing from 2005 to 2014. Taped in front of a live studio audience from Monday to Friday at CBS Television City in Los Angeles, California, directly above the Bob Barker Studio (Studio 33), it was produced by David Letterman's production company Worldwide Pants Incorporated and CBS Television Studios.He would ad-lib between the jokes, and soon noticed that the "stuff in-between" got the most reaction from his audience; after that realization, he decided he and his writers would stop writing jokes.It included a miniature CBS airship that floated along over the backdrop depicting Los Angeles.Geoff Peterson: That's our show—redundant and timely. Following the departure of Jay Leno from The Tonight Show and the late night shake-up at NBC, both Late Show and The Late Late Show struggled in the ratings against Jimmy Fallon and his successor at a.m. In April 2014, Letterman announced his plans to retire.


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