Is consolidating my student loans a good idea

About Michael Bovee Michael started CRN in 2004 with a mission to provide people in need with detailed debt and credit help and education.Michael has participated as an expert panelist in federal consumer protection rule making, collaborated on state law changes governing debt consolidation, has worked as an expert witness in court matters related to the debt relief industry, and is a regular contributor to several personal finance websites.The loan with Navient may need to be brought current before it is eligible for a government loan consolidation. You are stuck with a loan that affords you little payment options.

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My spouse had a loan taking out through Sallie Mae for school purposes back in 2006.

Not sure what the original amount was on that loan, but right now she was issued a garnishment order by the state of Colorado in order to pay of the loan, which according to the documentation received is over 10,000 dollars.

Perkins loan are also student loans without cosigner.

However, these funds are not as widely available to students as the Stafford loans.

If you are dealing with Navient, or any private student loan servicer (or debt collector), take the time to play the video.

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Kinds of Student Private Loans No Cosigner Student loans without cosigner include federal student loan programs such as federal Stafford loans and federal Perkins loans.

Students can easily apply for these loans regardless of cosigner or their credit score.

With some planning and availability of cash resources, and once the garnishment is removed, or no longer applied due to job loss or job transition, settling a Sallie Mae student loan is possible.

The settlements on private student loan debts are generally not as good of savings as credit card bills that go delinquent.

Through no cosigner student loans borrowers can get money for college and pursue their educational goals without any problem.


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