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Ice machines in Dormitory C are located the first and second floors.No large containers or coolers should be filled from the ice machines. Post Office is located on Fayetteville Street directly in front of the campus.Students should notify the dormitory office first if there are any problems.

intimidating and disruptive behaviors-21

Quiet hours are enforced by the Academy security officer between p.m. Students should notify the dormitory staff or security officer of any problems.

Student ID’s and Parking Passes for resident students will be issued when they check into the dorms.

Students and guests are responsible each day to periodically check at the front desk for messages.

Outgoing Calls - Students will need to use their cell phones or calling cards for outgoing calls.

will be checked in by the security officer on duty.

On Friday, or the last day of your class, all students must clear their rooms and turn their key in to the dormitory office no later than a.m.

Go into Salemburg to the stop light, travel straight across on RPR 1233, approximately 7 miles to Bonnettsville.

Turn left on Highway 24 for approximately 4 miles to the overhead bridge.

Upon leaving the campus the Student ID’s should be returned to the front desk in Dorm C or to the instructor. Emergency messages will be delivered to the guest/student as soon as possible.

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