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His loyalty and kindness were there from the beginning," she says. 's just-in-time plans for a Christmas engagement unravelled when he ended up snowbound in Atlanta on December 23 -- the day he planned to pick up the ring -- while returning from Costa Rica with a tour group.He won a reprieve, however, when his brother stepped into the breach, enabling Mr. "We were sobbing with tears of joy." On August 13 on the deck overlooking the fairway of the Rosedale Golf and Country Club, Dr.Antoine AOUAD led the ceremony before 130 formally attired guests.

"For Wendy, the wedding was a spiritual redemption, her dad walking her up the aisle, her sister maid of honour, and her confidence in the commitment," the bridegroom says. DIMATTEO, 32, is a senior credit co-coordinator and Mr. Never realizing his childhood dream of changing our world as a foreign correspondent, he did, however, have an impact on his bride's world.

"When I think of all the pain and suffering I have gone through, and still at times go through, the universe has given me Enzo to hold onto and I will not let go," she says.

"Let's see." With celerity, he whipped together a feast.

"I realized she was what I was looking for, and the other girls said, 'She thinks you're a doll.' " "He had a really good sense of humour -- that's what got me in the beginning," Ms. "We spent hours talking and just phased out the other people." Mr.

Their effervescence was stilled when, three months later, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. DIMATTEO to break it off and avoid the uncertainty that lay ahead. "He stuck by me every single day, and I knew at that point in time if anyone can be with me now, he'll be with me forever," she says. Poised on a rugged Appalachian mountain peak, he knelt and offered an engagement ring, replacing the promise ring she had worn.

The wedding ceremony took place at the elegant Edwardian Ontario Heritage Centre on September 4, with Sarah BUNNETT- GIBSON officiating."We will be married forever, with a family." , Saturday,▲▼ January▲▼ 22, 2005 - Page M6 If Stephen ADLER chronicles his memoirs, the results will leave the uninitiated bedazzled. SUGARMAN handed over her number, and shortly after that encounter in November of 2001, she and Mr. "She was stunningly beautiful, and I had her on the first date when I casually said I had been on Oprah, and then changed the topic," says the University of Ottawa graduate, who is now a fundraiser at Reena, a Toronto agency that works with the developmentally disabled. SUGARMAN, who holds a master's degree in journalism, enthuses about their common interests.In first-year university, with the bravura of a 19-year-old, he wrote to Dennis Swanson, president of ABC Sports: "You gave Oprah her first job, now give me mine." And he scored. The bold feat even led to an interview with Oprah Winfrey herself. "At the time, I was an associate producer for W-Five and he didn't ask me to explain.As for the domestic peal of, "What's for dinner, honey? and David and Joyce STARKMAN are thrilled to announce the engagement of their children, CORINNE to BRETT. Excited siblings, nieces and nephews are Jill, Derek, Zachary and Jared STERN; Andrea, Steven, Alex and Charli STARKMAN and Debbie STARKMAN., Saturday,▲▼ January▼ 1, 2005 - Page M5 Sometimes the vagaries of circumstance make life a raw deal, but you have to play the cards you're dealt.MANGOFF to put aside reservations about their connection.

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