Internet dating revenge

But if one party posts revenge porn to get back at their ex, then what's to stop that ex from posting revenge porn to avenge revenge porn?

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We spoke with Brian to find out about his path to redemption and why he thought finding solace in revenge porn was a good idea in the first place.

First of all, what exactly happened between you and your ex-girlfriend?

It's embarrassing because there's nude pictures. I give them my first name and sometimes I make up a fake last name.

You said when you did this to your ex-girlfriend, they got posted around a lot where she lived?

It's a truly modern story: Man posts revenge porn of ex-girlfriend, ex-girlfriend then posts revenge porn of man.

Usually when it comes to revenge porn, there are two distinct parties involved: the person doing the revenge, and the person receiving the revenge (aka the person whose photos or videos become porn).If people you were close with saw the photos rather than strangers?If it happened like it did to her, it would be much worse.It was a lot of hassle to get them taken down just to have them reposted elsewhere.And whenever they get reposted, they just get that many more views because it's fresh content. They're just in too many places and people won't remove them.Do you still have hope that the photos will ever come down, or are you just kind of resigned to it?

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