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Maybe because the majority of first dates either go very well or very bad, or that I’m just so programmed to expect the worst out of men in New York, but as I was walking to the subway station to meet him, I felt the fear start creeping it’s way into my mind: What if it’s really awkward?

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Now – all of the principles I’ve been taught and repeated in my head for the past 10 weeks definitely in terms of finding love: Expand your circle of kindness. What if I want to leave and I won’t know how to get away from him? I saw young women around my age coming out of the local market with bags of food, talking to someone on the phone in hushed tones. just as someone accidentally let go of a heart-shaped red balloon and it floated quickly up to the sky from the uptown streets of the Upper West Side of Manhattan. And just as Maroon 5’s “Love Somebody” came on my Pandora app. It’s normal to feel nervous before a date and frankly, nervous for how you’ll feel afterwards: more disappointed or hopeful (and honestly, the latter is a little scarier than the first). I drank some water and I scanned a menu I already basically had memorized. A few drinks, a few kisses and a few days later, I’m excited about our second date this Friday.

(Don’t just say no to some dude because he doesn’t fit perfectly into what you want) Consider every person and every situation as a teacher. (When a date goes terribly and you are eying for the closest exit to get the f*** out of there, breathe, and see what you can gain from this experience.) What you give your attention to grows. I saw the street car vendor call out to passerbys and I saw little old men shuffling their way to the apartments they’ve probably had for decades. And while it’s okay to worry, my energy and my time (and my heart) are better spent living in the is the single most important thing I’ve gained from my philosophy training.

I’ve become more balanced at work, I spend more time really listening to what my friends have to say and giving more thoughtful, understanding advice.

When I feel like the world is crashing down, I can usually apply something from the class and build back up the pieces that started to crumble.

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