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There is restorative power in Liam Gallagher showing up to honk through “Rock ’n’ Roll Star” in an orange Paddington Bear fishing jacket or Katy Perry performing her divorce anthem “Roar” dressed like a Snow Queen channelling ’s Big Bird.

There is goodness in Niall, the Irish, affable one from One Direction, plink-plonking through innocent pop on a guitar.

Or at blown-up screen grabs of Martin’s trousers that made it look like he had wet himself?

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He captioned the pic, "T-Swift was telling Chance how big of a fan she is prior to me snapping this photo."Maybe we'll get a Tay/Chance the Rapper collab soon? Tay took to Twitter to not only thank Ian, but also to officially hand her Squad Goals crown over to him and his BFF Patrick Stewart, whom you may recognize as , Jazz Jennings. News she was hoping to meet Caitlyn at the 2015 ESPY Awards, expressing how much she's done for the transgender community. She has made such a difference in our world and she really opened up people's minds... It's just incredible."Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello can finally say one of her biggest dreams have come true: seeing Taylor Swift live in concert.

Camila posted an awesome video of her singing along to "Wildest Dreams" during Tay's New Jersey 1989 tour stop at Met Life Stadium.

Anne was on the red carpet promoting her new movie "The Intern," when she noticed Mariah was standing less than two feet away from her, and completely lost it.

Anne Hathaway is a huge star in her own right, but that didn't stop her from completely freaking out at the possibility of meeting singer Mariah Carey.

Tiny, glorious Ariana, a magical, elfin pop pixie, in her baggy One Love jumper and platform stiletto boots, took to the stage at the end of a hellish weekend and performed first aid on the nation’s hearts.

As the opening bars of “Be Alright” played, she met her audience, for the second time in Manchester and for the second time in a fortnight, with an expression of serene, uptilted chin defiance.What is pop, for crying out loud, if we cannot laugh at Little Mix’s leotards and wonder if their stylist hates them?Or if we cannot wince at the Gallagher/Martin “Live Forever” duet that sounded a bit like two middle-aged men doing karaoke after exuberant wine tasting?Pop does not solve the world’s pain, it simply tunes us for a small time to a different frequency.“Only when I’m dancing can I feel this free,” sang Madonna many years ago, wearing a fishnet vest and bangles.(Liam is completely fine, everyone, about not being included in Noel’s big 50th birthday bash. He’s breezy.) One moment that appeared to melt everyone’s hearts was Ariana performing “You Are My Everything” with the choir from Parrs Wood High School. The other option is to make our worlds tiny, dark and untrusting.


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