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The Groveland Hotel was created during the Gold Rush in 1914.

It was used heavily during the creating of the Hetch-Hetchy dam.

One of the ghosts allegedly roams this hotel is named Lyle.

Local historians believe he was a gold prospector who died in his sleep in the hotel but laid there for several days before he was found.

As the story goes, Laura Jean died a fairly sudden death from a high fever.

Guests and staff at the Red Castle Inn report when her ghost materializes, she is mistaken for a real person until she walks through a solid wall or a door. 's Peter Greenburg named the Groveland Hotel in his list of haunted hotels.

In 1875, Captain John Jeffrey and his wife took over duties at the lighthouse and lived there for 39 years. Coast Guard in 1965, and visitors today report it is haunted by several ghosts.

While they suffered through a number of storms and difficulties to be expected when living off of the mainland, as far as anyone knows, no one ever died at the lighthouse. Guests who tour the lighthouse report being touched by an unseen presence and have witnessed objects moving, as well as the sound of large boots walking up and down the lighthouse stairs.

The room where he died is known as "Lyle's Room." Reported phenomenon in this room include women's cosmetics getting knocked off his dresser, and the water in the bathroom turning off and on.

The Northern California Paranormal Investigators performed an investigation and determined the hotel is home to two other ghosts as well, and visitors can take part in a ghost hunter's tour at this location.

Unfortunately, Brookdale Lodge is currently closed with no date slated for reopening.

Auerbach also lists the Moss Beach Distillery in Moss Beach as one of Northern California's most prolific haunts.

Scary haunted places in California include some highly unusual locations, such as amusement park rides, schools, cemeteries and museums.

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