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And the shopping mall is said to be a favorite hang-out--at least for young people.

But for the chronically shy, both these settings may hold less promise than more structured ones.

Places typically recommended by "experts" include the laundromat, the shopping mall, and the supermarket.

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On the other hand, there is one thing to be said for shopping malls: the specialty stores.

If you notice someone browsing in your favorite section of the book or record store or some other specialty shop, this is a good indication that the two of you share similar interests, which can be grounds for conversation and getting to know each other better.

Unfortunately, these don't seem to be very promising.

The charge for these calls can be pretty stiff, and the conversation can be pretty strained.

The supermarket or the shopping mall may be less attractive as potential singles meeting grounds, however.

True, the romantic image of the supermarket may consist of meeting the man or woman of one's dreams in the frozen food section: you and he (or she) smile at each other, your hands brush as you reach for the T. dinners, and the next thing you know, a wonderful conversation has ensued.Joining a volunteer group is a great way of meeting compatible people.If you're interested in the environment, join an environmental group.Although all relationships (even traditional ones) can have their dangers, following these precautions makes using the personals relatively safe.By "club or organization," I mean a volunteer group, a church, a civic or a hobbyist organization.Various enterprising people in our society have set up a variety of mechanisms to help compatible singles meet each other in an effort to supplement the traditional ones. Available singles are interviewed on videotape, as well as watching videotaped interviews of other singles.


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