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Feel free to make noise when you breathe out it will enhance the flow of sexual energy.

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Don’t skip those steps and move right to the yoni massage as it is very important to be relaxed and connected before you start.

Also be either shaved or trimmed tight for this ritual as it allows your partner to work freely and it eliminates accidental pulls etc that will take you out of the moment.

You may use oils, but when you put the oil into your hand I don’t want you to lose the connection to your partner.

Turn your left hand over keeping contact with her skin and then with your right hand fill it with the oil and warm it.

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Yoni (pronounced YO-NEE) is the Sanskrit word for vagina and it has been said to translate to “sacred temple”, “sacred place” and “divine passage”. It has been used in persons who have had sexual traumas in their pasts to learn to trust their partners.

It has taught many women how to have multiple orgasms and it is also just a great way to connect to your partner.

Again ,with the yoni massage it is important that I point out that this has to be done with no expectations.

Again this is not for the sake of arousal or orgasm it is about feeling connected and safe with you so don’t move too fast.

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