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They later discovered they were HIV-positive by chance.

Many of Talluto's victims were students, some mothers.

When I first started doing this, I would have dozens of patients in the hospital, many with a poor prognosis.

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But its certainly not a trivial disease or anything to be cavalier about. Hope for the Future The doctors we talked to all expect that the life expectancy for someone newly diagnosed with HIV can be even longer than 24 years in the future.

Its not easy to live with HIV, just as its not easy to be a diabetic. Patients need to make that commitment to manage it. Medicines dont work if patients dont take them, Dr. People feel better, theyre working again and dating again, and they forget to take their pills. Im not sure theres any reason why there has to be a more limited life expectancy for people with HIV than without, say Dr. Were not there yet, but over time theres no reason someone with HIV shouldnt have a normal lifespan.

I could tell you many sad stories about patients - including personal friends and even a family member - who passed away before effective treatments were found.

Everything changed overnight in 1995 with the first protease inhibitor, Dr. In the beginning of 1995, most of my patients were in the hospital. And things have continued to improve with the availability of newer and better treatments.

In the end, it was his chronic cheating - he juggled up to six relationships at the same time - that drove them away.

The defence painted a picture of a young man eager for affection who never knew his father and whose mother - a drug addict who was HIV-positive - died when he was just four years old."He did not intentionally seek to transmit the virus," his lawyer Maurizio Barca said, insisting that Talluto used condoms "most of the time", and only had sex without them a few times after being "caught in the heat of the action".According to James Cameron, the Avatar sequels were such a massive undertaking that Cameron divided the three scripts between the writing team of Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, Josh Friedman and Shane Salerno.It suggests that the life expectancy for a person newly diagnosed with HIV, with no symptoms, has jumped from seven years to 24. Most experts agree that HIV infection is no longer a death sentence. Before 1995, a newly infected person faced the near-certainty of dying with AIDS.Today a newly infected person can look forward to 24 years -and potentially much more! We spoke with three HIV experts about this change, and about what it means to people living with HIV today. 1995: The Year Everything Changed Prior to 1995, there were no effective treatments for HIV.Valentino Talluto speaking to lawyers during his trial last Wednesday.


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