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Only the brightest and wealthiest were able to attend; students were required to wear uniforms with straw boater hats and played cricket and rugby.

The British influence still can be seen in driving on the left side of the road, roundabouts, speed bumps, and school uniforms.

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Maintaining good relations with white-dominated South Africa, he became the first black African head of state to visit that country.

His policy toward South Africa brought criticism from other black African countries, and his influence in continental affairs was minimal.

He also maintained friendly relations with Mozambique (until 1975 governed by Portugal) and in 1967 signed a trade pact with South Africa.

In November 1970, the constitution was amended to make Banda president for life.

Beginning in 1893, it was known as the British Central Africa Protectorate, and in 1907, the area was officially designated the Nyasaland Protectorate.

In 1915, John Chilembwe, an African preacher, staged a short, bloody uprising in response to the treatment of Africans by British colonists.

Access to the Indian Ocean is normally by rail to the port of Beira in Mozambique. In 1999, the estimated population was ten million, with 45 percent of the population under age 14, and 3 percent over age 65.

The population density is one of the highest in Africa.

The capital, Lilongwe, is roughly in the center of the country.

However, the major commercial center is Blantyre, named after the birthplace in Scotland of the first European to discover Lake Malawi, the English explorer Livingston.

By the sixteenth century, a Malawi kingdom had trade relations with the coastal areas of Mozambique.

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