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❤ @Melody Angelxx - it was dubbed, but if you look at his lip movements he actually was speaking Chinese for a lot of his lines. He's a hardworker, honest, charming and well-mannered. It's sad to see him looks tired due his crazy schedule. You are so deserving of this award as you are truly an exceptional and brilliant actor of your time! Hope u will do another drama in 2016 (before enlisting, so sorry to request) but a Korean one (I know a c-drama is underway, thank you) so we can hear your own voice expressing your lines which is really and uniquely JOO Won. i really respect you as an actor..really appreciate your in korean entertainment and enjoy every single drama that you in..: D I love all your dramas and movies .. JW is also a very hardworking actor and service his fans with a drama and movie every year. Can't wait for you to be back on screen with Moon Chae Won! I am a sucker for historical drama so I will watch his historical drama when my heart is fully prepared. His acting was also very good there but not enough to judge. There is a saying nobody is perfect but thats wrong becouse you are more than perfect.

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He hasn’t been around long but with all the dramas that he has been in, he has given life to each of the different characters he portrayed was a great accomplishment.

I find Joo Won to be naturally handsome through his skills and professionalism and a great actor for this generation.

I am waiting patiently for his future dramas what whatever his endeavors may be  Ok Here it is.

One thing that distinguishes Joowon from other actors/ actress of the same generation is that: He constantly challenges himself and does his best to produce works with quality.

I haven't watched all of his dramas, but I am very happy to see what he does.

In Bread, Love, and Dreams, he must learn how to bake.

They can act but in my opinion their acting is just average and their looks spike their average acting up to a B, which would attract me to watch the drama once and move on.

It’s the talent and skills of a person that really stays.

I've just first watch you performance in Yongpal finish. Be the generous, honest, great survivor, and ground to earth Man. Sorry I meant to say cannot wait to see JW new drama and movie in 2016!!! Can play both protagonist and antagonist , even challenged "disable " character ? Honestly, Joo Won isnt much of a HOT guy but his acting talent made me fall for him.


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