Guys wish girls knew dating

What was mind-blowingly intense at first can become “meh” inducing over a surprisingly short time.Boredom can set in pretty quickly, especially when sex is the same thing Even a man who can lick his eyebrows loses his appeal when going down is the exact same routine. It’s the killer of attraction, the muffler of orgasms.There’s more to good sex – or bad sex, for that matter – than just technique. Good sex quickly becomes mediocre sex if you’re doing the same things over and over again.

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One of the biggest mistakes people get from porn is the idea that cock is all you need when it comes to sex. Vaginal penetration is one of the worst ways to try to get women off.

If you’ve got the right equipment – especially one that’s big enough to need a secondary circulatory system – then all you have to do is drive things home and watch your girl moan her way to ecstasy and bragging about you to her friends later. she’s laying there contemplating the ceiling and hoping you don’t pass out before at least . On the other hand, 80% of hetero and bi women and 91% of lesbians almost orgasmed through a combination of oral sex, manual stimulation and deep kissing, even when vaginal sex was never in the picture.

The sex is often mind blowing – not because you’ve mastered the Transylvanian Twist and the Inverted Vulcan but because of the . We process new stimuli completely differently than something we’ve already experienced.

Part of what makes those first few months with a new partner so intense and amazing is that your brain is , including bed-rocking sex.

Taking time to explore, kiss and arouse instead of rushing to the “main event” will have her seeing fireworks far more than grabbing her hips and saying “get ready for it.” But while we’re talking about foreplay…

Let’s get back to the dick-oriented nature of porn.

So too can introducing other forms of sexual contact; prostate play, role-playing, or various flavors of kink can turn good sex into great sex.

Of course the point isn’t that good sex is a neverending escalation of newness – it’s that falling into a rut of the same ol’ same ol’ will kill even the most ardent affair. As I’ve said before, the key to being an amazing lover isn’t about what’s between your legs, it’s what’s between your – specifically your brain and your mouth.

Sex from behind lets the penis reach different part of the vagina than the missionary position.

Sex toys can be another valuable way of keeping the novelty factor high; a vibrator on her clitoris (or your shaft, for that matter) can lead to intense new orgasms.

And once the dick’s in, it’s all about the fleshy jackhammer until the actress has a screaming orgasm that has next to no basis to reality.


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