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While we had expected to be in a position to issue a distribution by September 31, 2017, that date has necessarily been delayed.

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The shares do not count as qualifying assets of the property rental business and the dividends are therefore chargeable at the main CT rate as non-ring fence income.

However, see part A of CTA 2009 For tax purposes, an LLP is generally treated in the same way as an ordinary partnership, even though legally it is a body corporate.

Q: Why did the value of Units drop from $0.26 to $0.23?

A: We have been able to more accurately calculate the total expenses that will be incurred in relation to final liquidation and dissolution of the G REIT.

Q: Was my Unit balance affected by the first distribution? Your investment interest will remain unchanged throughout the distribution process. A: $0.23 Q: How was the current Unit value determined?

A: The value of the Note, less estimated expenses, divided by total outstanding Units.

Q: When will additional distributions be made to investors?

A: A second distribution will occur on or before December 31, 2017.

Schedule 16 excludes this kind of income from the definition of property rental business.

Rent arising from allowing mobile phone masts, satellite dishes and similar to be sited on property can be chargeable to tax as income from property .

The principal subject areas of this Portfolio include: (1) the U. income tax regime applicable to foreign persons during the ownership phase of U. real estate (including summaries of certain key domestic tax rules affecting real estate); (2) the taxation of U. real property interest dispositions under the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980 (FIRPTA); (3) the FIRPTA withholding tax provisions; and (4) the basic estate and gift tax rules applicable to foreign persons. Caballero was also an international tax partner in the Washington, D. She chaired King & Spalding's tax group from 2002–2007.

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