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Migrant workers from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are susceptible to debt bondage, reportedly in agriculture.

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The increase in unaccompanied child migrants in Greece has increased the number of children susceptible to exploitation.

Some public officials have been investigated for suspected involvement in human trafficking.

Traffickers lure most victims through false job opportunities.

Economically marginalized Romani children from Albania, Bulgaria, and Romania are forced to sell goods on the street, beg, or commit petty theft in Greece.

An avalanche in Vasilitsa ski center had swept him away and threw him at a tree where he reportedly suffered serious injuries.

The young man was transferred to the …The body of a migrant was recovered from the Evros river, the natural border between Greece and Turkey.

According to media, the policeman had left the gun together with thirteen bullets in a small leather …German research vessel Meteor was harassed by the Turkish Coast Guard while she was sailing North off the island of Limnos in the Aegean Sea.

The Meteor has been conducting research on behalf of the German University of Heidelberg in the sea area between the islands of Limnos and Samothraki …A 30-year-old snowboarder died in the hospital of Grevena early Friday afternoon, despite doctors’ efforts to bring him back to life.

Or just an artist expression without secret metaphysical meaning and hidden metaphorical messages?

The sculpture PHYLAX installed in Palaio Faliro divides the Greek society and stirs the “Greeks’ moral principles” as usual.

Police identified fewer trafficking victims, but the government provided all identified victims assistance, unlike in 2014.

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