Gods word and dating

I call this "Thinking Christian." There is a correct Christian way of thinking about geology, biology, astronomy, physics, chemistry, art, music, psychology, history, language, politics, etc., etc.

If there are areas that are contrary to God's Word, then they should be changed to conform to God's standards, no matter what culture it is.

Isaiah states: "If they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them." And, as the Psalmist says in Psalm 36:9, "For with Thee is the fountain of life: In Thy light shall we see light." Some may think that the creation ministry just involves people who use scientific arguments in the creation versus evolution debate.

In Daniel, Chapter 9, we read of Daniel reading God's Word about the promise of the restoration of Israel. We need to confess our sins and the terrible sins of our nations, and we need to be brought back to a total commitment to God's Word.

Daniel prayed and fasted, and God heard his prayer and his confession of his sins and the sins of the people of Israel, and God responded as His Word had promised. We need to build all of our thinking, in every area, on the Word of God.

We have become so conformed to this world's way of thinking, and yet we wonder why our culture is so anti-Christian in so many areas.

Through our creation ministry, we have attempted to show that there is a Christian philosophy in every area of life that is built by starting with Scripture.

How do we measure the success of our family or nation?

How do we decide if our culture is going in the right direction?

However, there is one thing that I always insist upon, whatever the culture.

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