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A Path Traversal (CWE-22) vulnerability in esfadmingui in Micro Focus Enterprise Developer and Enterprise Server 2.3, 2.3 Update 1 before Hotfix 8, and 2.3 Update 2 before Hotfix 9 allows remote authenticated users to download arbitrary files from a system running the product, if this component is configured. In Light DM through 1.22.0, a directory traversal issue in debian/allows local attackers to own arbitrary directory path locations and escalate privileges to root when the guest user logs out.HTTP Exploit in e MLi Portal in Auro Meera Technometrix Pvt. e MLi allows an Attacker to View Restricted Information or (even more seriously) execute powerful commands on the web server which can lead to a full compromise of the system via Directory Path Traversal, as demonstrated by reading core-emli/Storage.

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Both this issue and CVE-2016-9956 are directory traversal vulnerabilities in Autopilot/route_- this one exists because of an incomplete fix for CVE-2016-9956.

Arbitrary file deletion exists on Peplink Balance 305, 380, 580, 710, 1350, and 2500 devices with firmware before fw-b305hw2_380hw6_580hw2_710hw3_1350hw2_2500-7.0.1-build2093.

The corresponding embedded webserver "PST10 Web Server" typically listens to port 80 and is prone to a directory traversal attack; therefore, an unauthenticated attacker may be able to exploit this issue to access sensitive information to aide in subsequent attacks.

A Proof of Concept is GET /../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/shadow HTTP/1.1.

The Multi Path Resource class in Atlassian Fish Eye and Crucible, before version 4.4.1 allows anonymous remote attackers to read arbitrary files via a path traversal vulnerability when Fish Eye or Crucible is running on the Microsoft Windows operating system.

A directory traversal vulnerability exists in core\admin\ajax\developer\extensions\in Big Tree CMS through 4.2.18 on Windows, allowing attackers to read arbitrary files via ..\ sequences in the directory parameter.

In EMC Vi PR SRM, Storage M&R, VNX M&R, and M&R (Watch4Net) for SAS Solution Packs, the Webservice Gateway is affected by a directory traversal vulnerability.

Attackers with knowledge of Webservice Gateway credentials could potentially exploit this vulnerability to access unauthorized information, and modify or delete data, by supplying specially crafted strings in input parameters of the web service call.

This affects PG8527 devices 2.02 before 2.12, PG8527 devices 2.51 before 2.61, PG8527 devices 2.52 before 2.62, PG8527 devices 2.54 before 2.64, PG8528 devices 2.02 before 2.12, PG8528 devices 2.51 before 2.61, PG8528 devices 2.52 before 2.62, PG8528 devices 2.54 before 2.64, PG8535 devices 1.00 before 1.10, PG8535 devices 1.04 before 1.14, PG8536 devices 1.10 before 1.20, and PG8536 devices 1.14 before 1.24.


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