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Camper offers a variety of products as the direct result of a commitment to creativity.The shoes are comfortable, useful, functional and versatile.

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I was not too sure if I should keep them after reading most of the reviews, but they had been really good for me and I am wearing them almost every day since I've purchased them. This is the first pair of campers I have purchased, had never heard of them. Got the brown, wore them all day- at least 12000 steps at work (dietitian) and my feet felt great. The leather is really soft and supple so there is no chance of blisters/chafing.

They may not be very comfortable for long walks but they are reasonably light and are quite comfortable for day to day activities. I am so grateful to find this shoe with the awesome heel height, quality, and style. Within two weeks of normal wear (subway commutes in NYC), the leather on one of the shoes had separated from the base, leaving a giant, gaping hole and rendering them essentially unwearable. Otherwise, they're beautiful, lightweight, and super-comfortable. They have a moderate amount of cushioning, but little to no structure/support. I have two pair of Camper Right Nina shoes and a 3rd pair arriving tomorrow.

Camper makes shoes for walking, but at the same time, Camper makes shoes for imagining, for innovation and fun, with a clear Mediterranean flavor, as creative and original as human beings. The soles were gone but the leather upper was beautiful.

From one side of the world to the next, Camper will forever represent a family with a dream. I love these shoes in theory and I wanted to love them in fact. Even in 16 or so years I only replaced the laces 3-4 times.

Most of our readers here at Macworld would plump for the i Pad mini with Retina Display over a Kindle, but there are still many questions to ask.

Is the Kindle better for reading books than an i Pad mini, and will it be easier for non-tech savvy relatives to use an Amazon Kindle or an i Pad mini.

Making shoes since 1877, the Mallorca family dream combines the original artisan roots with an industrial vocation.

Not only does this Mediterranean dream stand for a way of doing, living and feeling, it's a dream that has taken Camper on a walk across the world!

Our models pose in diapers, pose inside cribs and discuss their diaper training in ABDL interviews.


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