Girls dating guys in wheelchairs

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Perhaps he is independently wealthy from a large insurance payoff, or simply supported handsomely by my income (this is a fantasy remember so I make more than $4 a year.) He sits and does his thing: he reads a famous biography or draws architectural designs on a custom-made desk kindly donated by a Swiss company.

Or he lifts weights with his unbelievable bi-s, tri-s, pecs, lats, delts and dimpled scapulas (scapuli?

I’ve always waffled back and forth between being a hopeless romantic and a complete cynic.

I’ve been in a wheelchair since I was 5 years old, as the result of a head-on car collision, and I used to subconsciously put up walls because of it.

Or if memory serves I did subtly follow him to see if I could score an introduction from his brothers, but got an evil eye from a formidable looking blond pushing the chair. Either way I would have lacked the courage to ask for what I have always wanted to do then and since… I’m not aware of the technicalities of sex with a man in a wheelchair (there are chatrooms) but imagine for a moment what a man like that could do with his tongue… Generally if any activity, fetish or sport involves pain, then I’m out.

The thing I find most appealing (here it comes Freudians) is that I could wheel this man around to wherever I wanted (ha, you thought you were controlling) I could just sit him across from me and there he would stay.

I knew I had a major girl boner for alcoholics and drug addicts, so clearly emotional disabilities were already my thing.

But the desire to sleep with a differently-abled man has never been fulfilled…

It’s totally understandable to be surprised, but it’s better to proceed with respect or explain your thoughts.

Responding with a “gross” or “Shouldn’t you be trying to date someone else in a wheelchair? This one can be a bit tricky, as it normally comes from a place of genuine concern.

) Occasionally he pauses to wheel himself to the highly accessible polished chrome kitchen to pour himself a juice with which to take his meds (I don’t know- there’d be meds wouldn’t there? Of course I would never ever ever want my husband in a wheelchair- that would not be good or sexually exciting at all.

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