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It’s highly unlikely you’ll be swept off your feet by a Prince Charming if you don’t see any point to life, always take the negatives from a situation, and walk around with a constant frown. This means that it could be hard for Mr Right to find us. Asking yourself these questions is important if you’re going to avoid more dead-end relationships in the future.

He might be out there, waiting and ready, but until we know what we want from a relationship, he isn’t going to come along. Move On From The Past Another big reason why some of us find it hard to meet the right guy is that we just can’t move on from our past. If there is something you can’t forgive, don’t forgive for their sake – forgive for your own sake.

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A fat girl isn’t exactly what some men dream of dating.

It may come off as cruel but ask any guy and they’ll often tell you their idea of a dream date is someone who looks like their favorite model or celebrity.

But sometimes, we know in our hearts when a date isn’t going to go too well. If you sense that a guy isn’t right for you, it means he isn’t 99% of the time. Take A Class It’s really hard to meet the right guy in noisy bars and dark clubs.

It’s much easier to find them in classes, where the two of you already know you’ve got something in common.

The right man is out there, but sometimes it takes us a little while to find him.

It’s not that he’s hiding – it’s more that we’re just not doing the right things that would help us find him sooner.

Define Your Values After you’ve identified who you are (such as you’re a leader, a vegetarian, a sister, a carer, a giver, a taker, an adventurer et cetera), you then need to define your values.

Again, this is something many of us don’t pay a lot of attention to.

We coast through life without actively living life according to a prescribed set of values.

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