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She was also keen that he accompany her to one of their concerts this month.Bhajji did a cameo in 'Second Hand Husband' starring Geeta.In 2008, Harbhajan took part in a dance reality show called 'Ek Haseena, Ek Khiladi'.

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A beauty pageant winner, Geeta hails from Portsmouth in England where her parents run a convenience store.

Bhajji and Geeta's love story began in 2007 when she was introduced to him through a common associate at an event. At that time, Geeta had big Bollywood dreams, but after her films didn't work at the box office, she decided to concentrate on her personal life.

At an IPL awards ceremony hosted by Shah Rukh Khan, the star had some fun at Harbhajan's expense when he asked: "Bhajji apka ghar kab Basra hai?

" While the latter couldn't stop blushing, SRK hurled another googly at him: "Gita ki kasam kha kar kaho!

Geeta Basra wiki reveals in details about her personal life, career, movies and also her love affairs.

Geeta Basra was born on 13th March, 1984 in Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom.The film, which released in July this year, had Geeta looking for true love.When she finds the man, the camera pans towards (no prizes for guessing) Harbhajan Singh.At that time, Geeta stuck to her "just good friends" claim and hung out with him along with a bunch of common friends.In 2010, Geeta was spotted hovering around Film City Studios on the set of the dance reality show, 'Zara Nachke Dikha' for which the cricketer had been shooting the final episode as a celebrity guest.Bollywood industry has always welcomed new and fresh face talents from the west.


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