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After this section of the movie wraps up it’s hard to bond with other owners, but then the film doesn’t really want you to.That said, it’s the first half of the film that feels most packed with familiar cliches. He’s wonderful here also, lending a charm and sincerity to Bailey and his counterparts that, helped by some top notch animal acting, allows the audience into the dog’s ‘headspace’ even when the writing leaves a lot to be desired.

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It feels more or less okay, because Gad’s cheerful voiceover kicks in immediately and assures us that dog reincarnation is a thing, but this is just one of the many dark moments the film leans into.

There’s abuse (human and animal alike), puppy farms and more hardship besides.

She is a stunning looking young lady, with an elegant body, long legs and a captivating smile.

When she bats her lashes at you and looks at you with those big, black eyes, it’s going to be game over.

Over the course of the 120-minute running time we follow the travelling soul of a dog in various different doggie bodies, starting with Bailey - owned by Riverdale’s non-ginger KJ Apa as a young Dennis Quaid - then moving on to police dog Ellie (yes the dog switches gender, but is still voiced by Josh Gad), then faithful companion Tino and, finally, Buddy.

As family-friendly as the trailers make look - and it’s so twee in places that your cringe-tolerance will be thoroughly tested - this is the kind of film that euthanizes a cute puppy within the first five minutes.

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