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He picked the restaurant – a new-ish restaurant called Signature in the Morningside Shopping Centre.He organized a table in a corner: with the candle light, quiet music in the background and impeccable service it had the makings of a really romantic date.

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w=300&h=295" alt="" width="300" height="295" /I have a little soft spot for Gabon (the country and not the man), for my own quirky reasons such as the fact that its culture is rich in mythology and folklore or the fact that they wear masks on some special occasions as part of this culture; or maybe it could be that this is the original home of the pygmy people (my friend calls me a pygmy due to our height differential with her at 1.8 metres and me at 1.56m. " data-medium-file=" w=300&h=202" data-large-file=" w=447" class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-96" title="Gabon Flag" src="

w=300&h=202" alt="" width="300" height="202" /Either way this country is an interesting one which in its history of independence, has only had 3 presidents, the second president Omar Bongo, who was in power for 32 years (and you thought Mugabe had been in power for a long time and longest ruler who was not in a monarch system).

He took charge, but was not too overbearing, and we had fairly decent conversation; comparing notes on the state of the financial markets on the African continent; delving into our past dating experiences; debates about religion; we were both brought up Catholic – he is still practicing and I am not; and all the other things that you would expect in a grown up conversation.

Now at the end of the night I could definitely say it was a good date.

He was not those that tried to make a move on you during the night, or tried to get you to come back to their place- thank God. The only thing that I can complain about was how do I put it – when he speaks and I think it is the West-African influence or the language barrier, but he has very pronounced hand gesters and movements – a little too Nollywood movie for my liking.

Wow, have spent the whole article without mentioning anything about this man’s looks – talk about growing up *high-5ing myself*.

The current president is Omar’s son, appointed last year after his father’s death is Ali Ben Bongo (thus I call it Ga BONGO), and I am pretty sure he will be in power for another very long time.

How I met Mr Gabon I had just had a late night out in the “trendy” nightlife district of Rosebank, when I was walking with a friend towards the parking lot next to Mr Gabon and his friend.

Amazing Picture of the pygmy people above from  am a young, South African woman who has been fortunate enough to have a job that involved me working and interacting with people from all over our wonderful continent of Africa.


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