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Maybe she would be lucky enough to even find one who might go back to a hotel room with her for the night for some blow, a good time, and an easy fuck,…and then she frowned.

She remembered her last attempt at bringing a guy to a hotel room for the night, the little fuck had said she was disgusting, and nasty looking, and that he would sooner fuck a pig.

He was an extremely hot man, with a muscled chest and chiseled abs, long dark hair, and vibrant sparkling green eyes, she smiled inwardly as her gaze traveled, “Not to mention his eight inch cock.” When she had seen him as the auctioneer at the auction house where she had bought her weathervane, then at Rizzo’s club, she instantly knew he was the one, and called her sponsor Jess right then and there.

Richards’s eyes were dry from the saltiness of all his tears, and there had been many of them during the night. ”, He was desperately trying to figure it all out as the bedroom door slowly opened, and, “She”, stepped through it.

Especially when the sick fucking pig had told him that he was her,” Sexslave“, he had screamed his denial vehemently into the ballgag, but her only reaction was to laugh at his distress. He shrank against the vinyl-covered mattress trying to turn his head from her but the three-inch stiff leather and steel padded collar around his neck prevented such movements.

Deep in his soul Richard could only feel an empty pit beginning to gnaw away at him,” His wife and his daughter whom he loved so very, very much, his auction company. It was connected by three thick leather straps to a rigid chest piece strapped tightly around him.

His arms were folded to the sides of his ribcage, and held by a flexible rubberized bar that was pushed through his bent arms and behind his back, locking on either side of the bed.

Sarah held the phone in her left hand with an amused look upon her face as her right hand trailed along the side of the carved wooden armchair in an almost playful manner.

Listening intently, she turned in her seat and as she did so the sun spilling through the window behind her glinted against her long dirty blonde hair as it swept across her forehead.

However, the connections that her money could now afford her made it all possible it seemed, well not to mention the service Slaves Unlimited.

It had caught her attention one day while browsing the internet rape porn sites, something she did frequently, she had been watching one of her favorite scenes on a favorite site of hers.

Like the two million dollar estate that she was currently in.

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