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The victims are our biggest concern."Let's look at one "family" and their operations to get an idea of the revenue generated.Eighteen members of the Jim Miller family in Phoenix, Arizona, were recently indicted on 23 counts of fraud and conspiracy.

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The Rom Gypsy culture is fascinating, but also explains why the investigator has great difficulty in solving Gypsy crimes. Most do not read or write, mainly because the children rarely attend school.

Gypsies also shun organized society and the "gaje" (non-Gypsy). The Con Their world revolves around one thing - the family business: The "con."A Gypsy child is raised being told the tale of the young Gypsy boy who saved the life of Jesus.

Less than 5% of their victims complain and when they do, are often met with laughter, mis-reporting or ignorance by law enforcement. There are also significant populations in Toronto, Canada and European countries. Names mean nothing to Gypsies and this often causes confusion for investigators.

True Gypsies are known as "Rom." However, "Gypsy cops" (the rare breed that they are) know there are Yugoslavian, Romanian, Russian, Polish and Hungarian Gypsies. There is also a group collectively known as the "Travelers." The Travelers are Irish, English or Scottish, not resembling the true Rom, but often included erroneously as Gypsy. This is a spoken language derived from various Indo-European languages. The Rom (and Travelers) tend to name children after family members. For example, Danny and John Anderson are the sons of William Anderson. Along with the name use, this becomes extremely confusing to the ordinary cop on the street as well as investigators unfamiliar with Gypsy crime.

Home Repair The home repair cons are rarely reported crimes and often ignored by the law enforcement community.

The "driveway coating/sealing" scam where the loss is to 0 is common. House painting and roof repair work are the same way.

They look upon the rest of society simply as their "prey."The Cost of the Scams The Gypsy crime family population in the United States is directly responsible for an estimated billion dollars in varying forms of thievery annually.

Gypsy hunter, Detective Donna Fitzgerald of the North Palm Beach, Florida Police Department says, "Most Gypsy crimes are directed at people who are the most vulnerable.

Gypsies rarely work alone and are always in pairs or more and always use family.


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