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At the same time although love marriages are more common that they once were, young couples make sure their unions fall within the bounds of caste and religious propriety. " Same people see a good-looking but dark guy: "We don't want a black son in law".

Couples look forward to the future as an opportunity for their relationship to grow and love to develop.

Partners are not expected to be great lovers and soul mates but rather people who are reliable and complementary.

I met my husband alone only once and agreed to marry him. " Dad gets her married in a few months and tells her only a week before the marriage.

I trusted my parents.” Although the vast majority of Indian marriages continue to be arranged by parents, Westernized "love" marriages are on the rise. 4) A girls parents looking for alliances for their daughter see a not good looking but fair guy: "What a handsome boy!

Tejasvita Apte wrote in “ Arranged marriages in India are like family approved / arranged dating.

You search for profiles through marriage bureaus or websites and you select a person based on your likes and interests, much like how dating works in other countries.

The most dramatic aspect of this asymmetrical relationship is the giving of dowry.

[Source: Library of Congress *] The wedding is regarded as the beginning of a relationship rather than the culmination of one.

Once a couple decided that they wanted to get married they were not allowed to date or meet each other between the engagement and the wedding day.

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