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Editor's Note: This story is the second in a series called "Shattered Faith," in which KOB 4 Investigates examines the cases of three former Catholic priests in the Archdiocese of Santa Fe whose alleged widespread abuse of children decades ago not only went undealt with, but has contributed to what many mental health professionals call a mental health crisis for New Mexico.The first story in this series, "A dangerous shuffle game," can be found here.

It’s where priests were supposed to pray and reflect on their sins before rejoining society.

Jason Sigler But many priests, like Jason Sigler, enjoyed the freedom New Mexico offered.

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Combine Sigler's victims with the victims of all the other abusive priests who stayed here, and there are hundreds of children who suffered for decades.

In 1983, Sigler was convicted in Bernalillo County of criminal sexual contact of a minor, but his three-year prison sentence was reduced to probation and counseling.

The deep scars of their childhood remain, many times masked until the shockwave can no longer be suppressed. Others may bury information to deal with it later.” The trigger can create intense pain; those scars are essentially reopened.

Felicia said during adulthood, random things can trigger the flood of memories and emotions of the abuse. Some turn to drugs or alcohol, fall into deep depressions, lose sleep, jobs and spouses, or have panic attacks.

Following and during the molestation of (my client) by Sigler, (my client) began to drink alcohol and is struggling with alcohol and depression to this day.” Referring to a different victim, the same attorney wrote about his client who was raped at age 8, “(My client) has had suicidal ideations.

(My client) is completely shut down emotionally and cannot express his feelings to others.” “When you have somebody in uniform of the highest order break your trust, not only do you not trust any of those people, but you don't trust your own assessment of who is worthy of trust. And lashing out, sometimes violently, is somehow normalized for many victims.

Servants of the Paraclete When reports were made to Catholic Parishes across the country of priests molesting children, police were almost never notified.

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