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I’m limited to traps because I’m loathe to lay out poison.We have dogs and pigs so there’s the possibility of them eating a dead rat, and there’s the problem of the rats’ lack of taste for bait and my distaste for inflicting a cruel death.

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The brown or Norway rat is the biggest, around 200-250mm long in the body, followed by the ship or black rat (120-150mm).

However, if they’re not sitting side by side, you can tell the difference between the two by their tails and ears: • the Norway rat’s tail is shorter than its body, the ship rat’s is longer • press the ears of a Norway rat forward and they will not reach its eye, whereas the ship rat’s ears will cover its eye.

Plus, when I did use them they eventually got trashed by the pigs whenever they got the chance.

I’ve even tried high-tech types that are meant to spring a docking band over a rat’s head.

I do have a professional, full-time, natural-born rat killer who is currently purring in front of the fire.

He is certainly not useless and has wandered past on several occasions with a rat tail hanging from his jaws, but still the rat city has expanded into outer suburbs under the walnut tree.

There is the Predator DOC trap, and as a bonus it theoretically catches ferrets and stoats as well.

This, with an egg as bait, has caught one rat down by the silage bales in the past five years, luckily before he damaged the silage so it paid for itself.

Then there are the various overgrown mouse ‘snap traps’.


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