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It was an honest moan of despair coming from his heart, and I couldn't fault him for it. Hejust wasn't strong enough or man enough to fight me. Anything you can think of to do to him that is totally nasty, you just go ahead and do. I told Chad to sit in the front seat next to me, while Rick climbed into the back. "I said kiss and lick." he began to alternate the tongue bath with little kisses. I waited to see if he would lick and kiss around the back too. If the bottom of my shoes makes you gag, think what my big fat dirty dick down your throat will do." He moaned. "You are going to be in charge of Chad when he is home here. He needs to be put in his place and reminded that he is a fucking faggot hole all the time! " We sent the little boys away, hopefully giving them some fun new ideas for playtime.Or of an up and coming cunt fucked cocksucking piece of boyshit! I had to take a pass four mornings in a row because of other guys working out, but on the fifth day, I had the young pup to myself. Then wiggle your tongue and fuck it in and out of the rectum. A large sweaty African American took me up on the offer.

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Each time it took less physical force to get him to comply. He made face and coughed a few times, but my shoes were pretty clean, so he didn't really have a probem. The soles are filthy, so they need to be licked clean. I stood there patiently as he licked the bottoms of my shoes. "You are going to have to learn to control that gag reflex. I slapped that belt down on his fine young ass, while he screamed in pain and sobbed. He was still young, but it was already hefty and meaty and thick. I'm a fucking urinal.' Go ahead Jack, don't be shy." Jack stood up next to Chad, his teenage dick hanging over Chad's cute face. It's a stupid law, but you are underage, and so I can't suggest that an adult do anything sexual with you. You don't want to look dumb in front of the other boys at school do you?

He still thought there might be a way to talk himself out of his situation. He lowered his head and stuck out his cute teenage tongue and began to swipe it over my shoe tops. Besides, you forgot to lick and kiss the soles of the shoes." "Exactly, bright boy. He had to lie on his back and I rested the bottom of my shoe on his face. It's not as easy as it seems and all fun and games. Your job in life, your only job in life while you are with me is to pleasure my dick! Obviously with your hand and mouth and asshole, but also in the way you look at my cock. The kid unzipped and fished out a nice hunk of fuckhose for a kid. Just keep saying to yourself, 'I'm a fucking urinal. "Pinch your dick for a minute, so Chad the Faggot can swallow. And if after you piss, you feel like a good blow job. Not now, though, we got to take the faggot to the gym. I'd let him lick and suck you boys, but it's against the law. but doing it to each other just to learn how good it feels wouldn't make you faggots. So that when you got older and found some real faggots to service you, you wouldn't look dumb.

When ever you sit from now on, you will sit with your legs spread wide." "I assume that is a no. He does have a really beautiful cock, nice and plump. He sat there, legs spread, toes curled in terror looking up at me. You see, I am into heavy humiliation and degradation. So you and I are going to undertake a sort of training program. You see, being trained by me is going to be a pretty full time occupation. I know that seems impossible now, but give me a chance, huh? That he is to have no life at all, except to service dick!

So I want to fuck you, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Speaking of your life, Chad, it's going to change quite a bit. A cum dump human toilet, who gets aroused at the most perverted sick and disgusting things imaginable. I felt his lips against my dick, and my pecker gave a little lurch. I release his head, and he held his lips to me prick skin for a moment and then pulled back. He still thought he had a right to his own thoughts and feelings. I suppose it takes a formerly straight college student a bit of time to adjust to the idea that he is a mindless cum hole!

My foot was up on the bench next to his thigh, and my fat dick was almost hitting him in the face as it swung back and forth. But I want you fucked alot, and I want you sucking lots of dick every day, so I have a bunch of guys lined up who will help us, including my buddy Rick who owns this place. A girlfriend will only get in the way of your concentration, not to mention that I don't want you sticking your nice big fat dick into anyone, least of all a pussy. "You are going to be such a great fuck." "Then you will be hurt very badly. I can make you wish you were dead, and then hurt you still more. I want you on your knees in your living room, bare assed, with the front door unlocked by one o'clock in the afternoon. Since the guys only wore jockstraps, their asses were naked and we could see the drops of sweat clinging to the ass hairs.

I grabbed him buy the hair and yanked his head back. I don't like giving orders twice." He whipped the towel off and sat there naked. I am going to fuck your ass and teach you how to suck dick. Not mine all the time, goodness, even I don't have that much sexual stamina. The you will kneel bare assed naked in the middle of your living room and wait for me to arrive I will come by some time this afternoon or evening. I gave him another gentle smile and shook my head from side to side. But don't worry, I had ever intention of getting Chad to that point. "What did you say, faggot, I couldn't hear you," Mike a really muscular buddy of mine asked, tensing his sweating gluts. As he stripped naked, his fat dick and balls jiggled and danced. He must have moved wrong with the dildo up his ass, cause he let out a shriek of pain, which gave Rick and me a good laugh. Show anyone looking in what a fine hunk of fuckmeat you have. He was asking for something larger than a finger up his cute Italian ass. And luckily, I had removed the license plates from my car, so they couldn't report it. His bare ass high, his legs spread and his balls swinging. That was all right, as I intended to remake him into the kind of cock hungry fuck slut I wanted. The guys here are going to take the next two hours to work out. The only difference from the usual gym practice is that there is an open bar with hard liquor and beer. Compact body, cute face, good feet and pecs and wonderful fuckable ass. There are a couple of rules but I'll tell you what they are later. Shoot me an email, and I'll write back to you about our faggot training. Chad began to get in, grateful to be hidden, but I stopped him. I mean why make such a fuss, the fucking stretch pouch with shoulder straps barely covered anything to begin with. At last he got it and turned and started to go out of the room on all fours. Now crawl back and fetch a different beer, and hang the beer from your mouth by the plastic six pack carrier. I mean you could, but it would make it tough to sit through those boring lectures. Well, how embarrassed could he feel wearing it, after all, he had a huge rubber dildo up his ass, and since the thong had nothing in the rear except string, the ass plug clearly showed. When he moved wrong, the stem of his dick was revealed at the top of the pouch, or his ball skin became visible at the sides. Now come on." I walked in front of Chad and Rick followed. Imagine getting your dicks sucked whenever you please. All you got to do is go right in, say, 'Open up, Faggot,' and he'll suck your dicks for you. You might want to have fun with him like this too." "Why not? We'll be around a lot for a while, so you just feel free to tell us if he misbehaves. You just be as creative as you can And don't go too easy on him. Get that piss, Faggot." The other boys were totally silent now. This was turning out better than I could have imagined. He stood there with his dickhead resting on Chad's lower lip. "Open up Faggot and lick and suck my dick and balls for the boys." Chad was a brand new faggot, so it took him a while to get up the courage. Anyway it took a slap to his head to get him licking and sucking my meat. But if you do it right and have a low hanging scrotum, you can get a nice swing out of it. If you crawl with the beer in your hand, sideways like that, when I open the can, we'll spray beer all over. " "Didn't I tell you I was into heavy humiliation and degradation? Personally I don't think she will want you, once she sees what you've become." "Good. How could you go to school for instance with a big dildo up your ass? Too bad he was so nicely endowed, it made wearing the garment worse. He could hardly walk with the dick up his ass, so his gait was stiff and awkward. "You boys might actually want a cocksucker in the building. We also love to have fun with him, like making him dress really faggy like this. If he doesn't do everything you tell him to, you just report it to me, and we'll take care of him. Go ahead, just take a deep breath and relax." "That's okay, it's not your job to aim. You just let go, and let the faggot scramble for it. It's fun to fuck them really hard and hurt them." Jack had finished pissing. Jack's young dick looked to be thickening a bit from teen lust. Okay, then let the faggot toilet boy suck the last drops of piss from your dickhead. Chad didn't want to comply, so I gave his bare ass a few hard spanks to get him going. Have any of you boys ever shoved anything up your asses? Now watch and I'll show you why Chad is a cocksucking faggot." I opened my pants and hauled out my big fat dick. I know how kids that young idolize a good hunk of fuckmeat. Of course people could have been watching from the houses, but we were blocked by our car on one side and some trees on the other.Unlike myself and some other dudes who are proud of themselves and strut around the locker room with our big fat pricks swinging, Chad kept himself covered. "I locked your stuff in another locker for safe keeping. I held him by the throat and slapped that cute face until my hand prints could be seen on his cheeks. Anybody complains, and you are in deep shit." "I don't see why not. After you finish with the asshole, give his pits a bath with your tongue. He was six foot six and built like a fucking warhorse.


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