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This resulted in her and her whole tribe being banished from the Sea of Trees, making them essentially marked for death bluntil a "chance" encounter with Hajime and Yue.decided to be their companion in her own whims, she barely manages to join the two of them on their journey.The main character, a stereotipical nice guy, who's an otaku and bully victim, his story begins with a slew of bad luck: taken along with his class to a different world by some gods, given a crappy job and crappy stats, falling down to the depths of the Abyss under dubious circumstances, and mentally broken to the point where he decides survival is all that matters.

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The article inside went on and on about the philosophy of the chain being different to its, as yet, better known rivals, omitting to say, perhaps out of political correctness, that the real difference of the Le Rosbif chain, was its waitresses, guaranteed-to-be stunningly pretty, and the uniforms the carefully selected lovely girls wore.

Many of the waitresses wore their uniform warily and wearily.

Compulsorily completely naked beneath their short-sleeved elongated, crimson, figure-hugging tee-shirt-cum-dresses, with nothing else allowed to be worn, bare legged, and wearing heelless tiptoe shoes on which they were constantly ballerinered atop their ballet-shoes' steel-capped squared-off toes, the compelling sight of the young girls Le Rosbif employed was now being enjoyed by businesswomen along the whole highway-chain of the British mainland.

Many of the waitresses wore their uniform warily and wearily, but Amanda's outstanding attractiveness continued to show in her ready and genuine smile and the spellbinding eye contact she made with her customers, even when her customers' eyes had invariably just run the amazing length of Amanda's stunningly shapely legs, and stopped off at the full firmness of Amanda's stupendous mountainous 40DD bosom, rolling enticingly excitingly freely, because completely unrestrained and unencumbered, before meeting the bright twinkling pitch-dark-brown glory, of Amanda's shining orbs, sparkling with her pride at her girlness and her knowledge of her girlness, and her knowledge that her girlness was taking her customers breath away.

Member of the secretive Ryuujin Race, was on a mission to gather information about Hajime and his class but fell asleep and was mind controlled by an evil magician, during the battle with Hajime she learned about her S&M predisposition, turned into a masochist and calls Hajime her Master.

Her human form's strong, compared to even the heroes, her dragon form surpasses them at least a couple times.By 2084, even a girl as intellectually gifted as Amanda Heavensent could find no other job than that of temporary waitress at a roadside restaurant ...2084 (by Eve Adorer) Chapter 1 – Le Rosbif England 2084.It was a warm sunny day in April, and the clocks were chiming nineteen It had been a twelve-hour long, long tiring day on her toes for Amanda: a long tiring day entirely literally on the top-tip-top-tip of her big toes.A Cursed Child of the Rabbit people, she has the ability to see the future.Originally hidden away for her white hair and precognitive ability, for petty reasons she used her power and exposed her existence to the other demi-humans.One of Hajime's classmates and school idols, the pure hearted girl brought plenty of problems back on earth where she made a lot of people despise him for being close to her.


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