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If you prefer to order in-person, lines are shortest in the morning. You may also pay by credit card, debit card or by electronic fund transfer (EFT) using your checking account and routing number. The cost for an in-person birth certificate order is .00 for each copy plus a .75 one-time fee for identity verification.For example, if you order 2 copies of a certificate, your total cost is ( .75) .75.

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El Departamento de Salud puede emitir un certificado de nacimiento de la Ciudad de Nueva York para cualquier persona que haya nacido en el ciudad.

The NYC Health Department uses Vital Chek, a secure third-party vendor to process internet orders.

You will need a personal credit/debit/checking account to order online.

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Selbst nach mehrmaligen Nachfüllen sind unserer Steinkrüge aufgrund Ihrer exklusiven Motive und Sprüche noch immer leicht zu identifizieren.For international use other than a US passport, please specify a long form request when you order your birth certificate in person.Below are the average processing times to complete your order.If you haven’t received the certificate within four weeks, call 311 to ask for the status.If you did not name your child right away, you can add your child’s first name through the hospital where your child was born.For example, if you want to order 3 copies of a birth certificate online, you would pay for each certificate and just one processing fee of .30, and your total cost would be .30 = .30.


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