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Turbine has official and supported role-playing servers for our players within The Lord of the Rings Online™.

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Roleplay-Supported servers have separate naming and chat rules to preserve the atmosphere of the Lord of the Rings and provide an enjoyable experience for our role-players.

Servers are designated as Roleplay-Supported by the “RP” tag before their name.

If you disagree with the chat occurring in a chat channel, but the chat is not a violation of the Code of Conduct, we encourage you to use the following options: Occasional mistypes or mistakes should not be reported.

If a player is repeatedly talking out of character within in character chat channels, and refuses to move their chat to an appropriate chat channel, you may report them by going to the Main Menu, then Help, then New Ticket.

“Out of character” means that topics outside of the lore of The Lord of the Rings may be discussed.

The channels and locations that have chat restrictions are: If players see another player using out of character chat in an in character chat channel, players may politely and courteously ask them to talk in an appropriate chat channel, such as OOC or Advice.

Turbine will then investigate and determine if the name violates the Naming Policy or Roleplaying Name Policy.

If the name violates the naming policy, Turbine will change their name to a roleplay-appropriate option.

Repeat violations of this policy may result in: Hallelujah, Turbine actually gets it! You are the only gaming company around now that actually supports roleplayers with a policy that includes a player ban from the RP server if the rules are not followed.

If I didn't already own a lifetime subscription, I'd be buying one now.

If the name is changed, no refund will be provided for the Character Rename purchase.

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