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She gets sick and they leave taking along with them a letter and a diary they find.

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😦 In Another Story, they end up looking for each other and so they keep missing each other until the end of the night.

They dance together on the balcony and then Tiana hurts her foot so Alfred acts like the manly man he is and lifts her up himesama dakko style and carries her home.

Then there are bonus omakes for each character called “diaries” where you get to see cute scenes that happened “during the last game” and you also get to pet (and now tickle) your favorite furry friends.

😆 The extras section includes a side story but unfortunately no 4komas this time around. Matheus – So in another story they dance at the ball and he promises to Tiana that he won’t dance with other hoes at these kind of events.

Matheus also obtains some flowed called Traum and then Tiana uses its petals to make a medicine that helps cure his man fear for a short period of time. Sadly the medicine wears off and when he simply shakes Alfred’s hand, he freaks out.

Tiana tells Matheus that she wants to make his dream come true where he is surrounded by a lot of kids and he doesn’t have the man curse on him.

Matheus definitely had some awesome 1 liners but again…Midorikawa…

ショボーン(´・ω・`) Alfred – While Alfred’s route was more cute/fluff than Matheus, a lot of it felt identical to Matheus…so it was almost overshadowed by it.

Matheus is so overcome with emotion that he pushes her down on the bed and says he just has to do her!


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