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The answer is that you view approval as pleasurable and giving you happiness.Realize how much needless suffering your approval-seeking causes you.

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This opinion states further that because of Joseph’s sin of poor judgment, he was the first of the brothers to die (see Exodus 1:6), passing on at a youthful 110 (as compared to Levi’s 137).

The commentator Ohr Ha Chaim offers a fascinating alternative suggestion as to why Joseph embalmed his father.

To avoid this, Joseph purposely had him embalmed – so that the Egyptians would attribute his preservation to natural causes. When Allen's Jewishness became "publicized," rather than subject his family to the humiliating ordeal of his dismissal, Allen resigned, citing poor health.

(Sources: Zohar Parshat Vayechi 251a, Targum Yonatan, Da’at Zekeinim, Chatam Sofer Y. The regiment then elected Rabbi Arnold Fischel as its chaplain, in order to test the constitutionality of the "Christian-only" law.

In fact, according to Jewish law, one may do such forms of temporary preservation for the honor of the deceased.

(Today this is done much less invasively with refrigeration.) There is further a debate in the Midrash if Joseph erred in embalming his father (even if it was this more minor procedure).

On the other hand, when we behave in the manner which God wishes, the result is - bringing glory and honor to God, and strengthening people's faith.

Our actions can and do affect how other people will think and act.

Much lobbying ensued, including Fischel traveling to Washington to meet with Lincoln.

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