Firefox live bookmarks not updating who is lil romeo dating 2016

You don't have to clear your cache, restart your browser, or rewrite your HTML - you just need to change the icon's URL, once, so that the browser will forget the previously-cached icon.

If you are just interested in debugging it to make sure it has changed, you can just add a dummy entry to your /etc/hosts file and hit the new URL.

That favicon wouldnt be cached already and you can make sure you new one is working.

I looked all around the web, and didn't find a good answer for testing favicons in local development. I guess it's not a trick if it's a main menu item.

In current version of chrome (on OSX) if you do the following you will get an instant favicon refresh: ding ding ding ding, this is the easiest and best answer! I guess when we think of how we can refresh something in the tab the last thing we think is Oh well let's right click on it and see what options appear....

I would assume browser can see if favicon name is the same.

If it is it won't request its download again and will use one already cached, but if you change the name it will assume it has changed thus requesting it from the server.Your web browser will not go out to the internet to check for a new favicon on its own... "Your web browser will not go out to the internet to check for a new favicon on it's own...thank goodness." Why not? I hope for your clients sakes that you've learned the importance of better web development since 2010.What's "silly" is NOT caching and making unnecessary requests to your server for what amounts to be a static file that rarely, if ever, changes.An easier solution in Chrome is to right click and select Inspect (or CTRL SHIFT I), then click and hold the refresh button.A menu will appear with the option to Refresh, Hard Reload, or Empty Cache and Hard Reload.It's easier and just as effective to use the file's last modified date.

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