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As the years of training wear on, Vargas grows increasingly jealous of Sabin's martial prowess, apparently slaying Duncan in a wrathful fit and fleeing to the mountains, with Sabin in pursuit.

It is during these events that the Returners, accompanied by Sabin's brother Edgar, encounter him.

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Her theme, "Celes's Theme", is also featured in the game.

Co-director Kitase revealed that Celes is his favorite character in the game. Years before the game's events, neither he nor his twin brother, Sabin, bear any desire for the crown.

Having been nursed back to health by Cid, the player has the chance to return the favor, either resulting in his death (which leads to a scene of attempted suicide and the discovery of Locke's bandana upon an injured seagull) or his survival (prompting reaffirmation in the belief her friends remain alive).

Each outcome results in her departing the island aboard a home-made wooden raft.

Launching a suicidal attack on the Imperial siege encampment, Cyan is assisted and rescued by Sabin.

Shortly thereafter he encounters the spirits of his deceased loved ones aboard the Phantom Train, sending him into a depressed spiral that persists until the game's second half.Sabin later finds Duncan alive and well in the World of Ruin, somewhere east of Narshe, having survived Vargas' attack.From him, Sabin learns his final martial technique, the Phantom Rush.Over the remaining course of the game, Locke and Celes gradually develop a relationship.She is also featured in the rhythm game Theatrhythm Final Fantasy as a subcharacter representing Final Fantasy VI.Later in the journey, Celes is used as a body double for the opera diva Maria to fool Setzer into providing transport in his airship to the Empire's capital of Vector.

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