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We live in Hot Springs, Arkansas, where we moved with my in-laws about six years ago.We moved here from Seattle, WA where I was born and raised, because my in-laws inherited some apartment complexes, and we decided to relocate and run the apartment... Just some introduction here, I've always been interested in paranormal things. I've always believed in aliens but never came in contact with one. Before I left her house I was feeling rather deppressed, because I didn't want to go home.I remembered going through her closet and she asked me what I was doing.

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We really have been on a vacation "from" the paranormal activities from our previous house.

The entity we were co-existing with took exception to our move and threw a temper tantrum and caused physical harm to me for the first and last time...

Several of my family members started seeing black shadowy figures. My Paranormal Life (story 2) by yomomma After seeing the little boy (Little Blue Eyed Boy) I told you about in my previous story, nothing of great importance happened in our home for years.

We would have an item come up missing to later find it where it should have been in the first place.

It all happened in the year 2011 in May, right after the tornado in Joplin had hit. Those Eyes Of White by Truthfinder25I have encountered several unusual experiences in my life.

My dad was occasionally going to Joplin because of his job, to help reconstruct. Let Me Out Of The Shower by yomomma This following occurrences happened in early 2011. All of which have forced me to believe in something that would otherwise seem to be nothing more than campfire stories.

Shaking Door by amjm I was only seven and I slept by myself.

My room was located at the end of the hall on the left, right in front of my parents' room.

It was late at night and we were the only two people home.

We had made a pallet in the floor of the living room and were watching TV. The Cabin Visit by Wish-Not I have always wondered what to make of that day at the cabin in the early 90's.

I had lost most of my vision from diabetes and had entered a residential rehabilitation facility in the capital city of a southern state.


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