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The single version (which can be found on Greatest Hits) omits the extended guitar interludes between the verses as well as fading out before the ending.

In the US, the 1991 Hollywood Records reissue of Jazz included a bonus remix by Matt Wallace.

In 1992, Organized Konfusion remixed the track for inclusion on the later-cancelled BASIC Queen Bootlegs compilation.

This version included an alternate vocal track by Mercury, as well as hip-hop production and added rap verses.

Upon arrival, the boyfriend-to-be promptly leaves Rodney solo and heads off to another area of the bar for a quick encounter with a rather handsome young man. and it has a gay bar downtown (patronized by attractive men, no less)?

This is yet one more of the ridiculously inexplicable plot elements since Rodney's feeling as an outcast are supposedly derived largely from his lonely existence in a parochial town. Apparently, the place is not so backwater after all.

The song featured a different vocal arrangement from the studio recording when performed live.

In live performances, the lead vocals during the chorus were sung by Freddie Mercury and harmonised with an upper voice (Roger Taylor) and a lower voice (Brian May). The lead vocals on the verses are sung by Freddie Mercury, while Brian May sings the lead vocals on the chorus.

In addition to the failed attempts at sardonic humor, there are many puzzling story inconsistencies. However, he simultaneously manages to participate in casual and regular impromptu trysts with the ubiquitous school jock/hunk, Ted (Miller).

Although these liaisons are devoid of emotional fulfillment, most gay teens (filled with raging testosterone, just like their hetero brethren) would find this to be a rather enviable arrangement given the more common alternative of involuntary celibacy.

Rudy is the horny undersexed immigrant/nerd lifted directly from every raunchy adolescent "comedy" ever made within the realm of TV or film.


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  3. In historical records, it can be seen that guards liked to joke about this matter quite frequently, resulting in various stories and even poems.

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