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Years ago, I went to a party with my friend’s brother in Pretoria where everyone was Xhosa, Swazi, or Zimbabwean.It was here that I was first called “colored”, not a person of color but just plain old colored like the Jim Crow water fountain signs.

How will they grow up feeling about themselves if they constantly see year after year, dark skin people acting a fool for Santa and learning that it’s only cool to have dark skin when you can wipe it off. Like a little kid with their fingers in their ears, they just aren’t hearing it.

I think Europeans have an aschewed understanding of racism.

How do you suspect that the same image of black people that disseminated across America is still common place globally and dancing like an idiot around Santa Claus?

Europe can no longer seek shelter in their “this isn’t America” cocoon.

They don’t understand that racism isn’t always making white and blacks use different water fountains or hauling state deemed undesirables to concentration camps.

As a solo traveler who is often overseas for extended periods of time, there is no avoiding dating, in fact, it is something I embrace.In my experience there are five issues you will face as a single black woman with an American passport: Your Americanism trumps your skin color; Is he interested in you or the money/passport; Colorism; Exoticism; and What your clothes are saying.Sure, there are many other situation-specific issues one will encounter but these overarching themes, I have seen played out in my own experiences and those of my friends.  This is a topic which surfaces in many of the articles about  Black expats.That of course, is a very American viewpoint born of the one-drop rule.When overseas and having more than a perfunctory conversation with men, the topic of citizenship will always arise.They were quick ones to be sure but there nonetheless.


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